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Anthony is still the league's top player

Carmelo Anthony's University coach Jim Boeheim spoke in a telephone interview about Anthony's involvement in the thunder. He said Anthony's joining would make the thunder one of the warriors' threats in the west.iron on transfers
In the thunder and Nicks of today's trading, the thunder sent Doug - Mcdermott, Kanter and the bulls eaners 2018 second round draft picks to get Nicks player Carmelo - Anthony.
"They've got ten players in two before Alliance (Russell Westbrook and Paul George), and now they got Anthony, who was just rank to 60 people," Boeheim said, "I think he is still the top players in the game, I think Russell and George would let him in you can make things easier.
"I don't know if they can beat the warriors, but you always want to try to be as close as possible to them. Not many teams have three talented players like that.".
Russell MVP, Paul - George is one of the league's best attack one of the players, but I still think Carmelo is the league's best offensive striker, striker Steven - Adams is very good, I think it will make them become a strong competitor." Boeheim says.New York Knicks
Earlier, Jim Boeheim said Phil - Jackson let himself want to trade, Anthony's idea to make known to all, seriously hurt his trading value, again, about this, Jim Boeheim is the same view.
"Yes, but I think the new successor Nicks (President Steve Mills and general manager Scott Perry) to save, everyone knows that Sunday (local time) they must take action to solve it before the start of training camp,iron on transfers, so I think they have contributed to a good deal.
"I was happy that Anthony had the chance, Nicks had done a great job and they got two promising and scoring youngsters who were great attacking players." Boeheim says.
In 2011 after the arrival of Nicks, a contender to muskmelon did not make Nicks become a champion, when asked whether Anthony will feel sorry, Jim Boeheim gave a positive reply: "yes, he loves New York, he wanted to go to New York before, he wanted to do some business in New York, he has done everything I can do, I think he never wanted to leave New York. I think Phil Jackson forced him to leave and didn't leave him a good choice, but the thunder and Nicks did a good job of solving it."
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