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Flocculus rosewood hand strings together dish of note that play

Flocculus rosewood hand strings together dish of note that play
Dish play flocculus rosewood hand to string together, of need is patient, can let person cultivate one's moral character raise a gender. Common saying says, content with rare for expensive, flocculus rosewood also is, a string of hand is strung together, inspect the case with simple material, craft, the price is different also, have hundreds of, also have thousands of, differ.

Do not see hand of this flocculus rosewood string together, it lets your cultivate one's morality raise a gender not only, return what can promote you to savour, produce feeling with it when you, if be not being worn on the hand, you feel uneasy. Dish play flocculus rosewood hand to string together, need serious choose and buy, the hand with good choose and buy is strung together is a premise that play, it is next played.

Be in first dish when flocculus rosewood hand is strung together, avoid by all means is soggy, touch sweat. The proposal deserves to use cotton glove, it is OK to adorn knead hand strings together cotton cloth glove to go to two weeks.

In initial stage dish when playing, the meeting on cotton cloth leaves the mark that has red, do not want right now confused, because this is the red sandalwood element on flocculus rosewood, it is to attribute normal phenomenon, and those who be not fade.

Park strings together flocculus rosewood hand later shady and cool place places 3-5 day naturally, let a hand string together nature dry, right now the hand strings together the grease with oozy surface to meet gradually airing solidify, cram pinhole, venus also is met more apparent.
Wait for again dish when playing, notice sweat hand is asked not direct dish, had better continue to adorn cotton glove dish play, notice the hand strings together bead eat dishes without rice or wine all round must dish to.

One day dish it is OK to play the left and right sides 1 hour, arrive after two weeks, can feel the hand is strung together on bead when can have slight coarse feeling, this actually this is the hand is strung together had formed thin thin bag oar.

Repeat ceaselessly on the operation of the pace, set period of time, let flocculus rosewood hand string together nature dry, also let wrap an oar to undertake the sclerosis of certain level.
General this time is controlled for a week,NATURAL INDONESIA ALOES TABBY 2 5 FLOWER BEADS HAND ON ODD NANMU.
Continuously 3 months time will repeat the 2nd, after the measure of 3, you can see flocculus rosewood hand is strung together present a burnish that has clever energy of life very much, dish the hand that has gotten is strung together can show sometimes show a more intense glancing, some can appear even vitreous burnish.

Be in when playing flocculus rosewood hand to string together, can saying is to be in play, also be maintain to it.

When new flocculus rosewood hand acts the winter in north or part of change garments according to the season, appear easily crackle, its reason is timber itself grows in selva, the dry, chill of incommensurate north. To prevent crackle, when can drip in the surface of bead walnut oil, or a natural beeswax, but the frequency is unfavorable and too much.

If had appeared small crackle, also need not worry too, want to hold to only, patient domain plays flocculus rosewood bead, the surface that lets bead forms packet of oar, and the nature that wrap an oar is met fill crackle, in order to achieve the goal that oneself cicatrization.

Dish play flocculus rosewood hand to string together, eager for quick success and instant benefit of avoid by all means, should use civil dish means, namely gentle dish play.

Because of beautiful beautiful burnish, wrapping an oar is to be accumulated ceaselessly come out, slow work yields fine products, and the effect is better. Should have done at the same time waterproof, prevent sun's rays point-blank, and the job that is far from the organic dissolvent such as alcohol.

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